[DD] Chapter 7

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Seventh Episode

「To not 「Accept the proposal」from the guild receptionist …Why?」

That’s normal.

「Trying to wield your guild’s power, by the use of the town, the idea, and feelings, of course it wouldn’t be successful.」

「Well, yes….」

That’s normal.

It is impossible to completely control the heart of a person.

「There will be many people who will feel disgusted by a Dungeon Master. When going into a town filled with people like that, it’s virtually going into enemy territory. Are you telling me to die?」

「Then, how should I do it?」

How do it it, eh?

When you’re asked so, don’t be at a loss for words.

There’s danger even while walking to the town.

I would want to get a bodyguard to rid myself of danger as much as possible, but people still won’t consent of a ‘Demon’ going to town.

Then, how does one hide their identity?

Identification was a risk that was too high when going out.

I had other plans, so the amount of demerits versus merits going to the down didn’t balance out.


Then should I not enter the town?

「Fumu. Now that I actually try thinking about it, it’s pretty difficult.」


「Well, I think that it’s something that you don’t need to think too hard on. You’re 「Still thinking about it」, right?」


There seemed to be a proposal that was going to be said, but stopped before it was said.

「One came up.」

「By all means, let’s hear it.」

I nodded and spoke about it at once.

「Although I want to go to town, I can’t go because it’s too dangerous.」

「Then, we’re changing the content of the third benefit?」

「That’s right. We’re changing it so that people can set up an auction inside the dungeon.」(TL: I think it’s suppose to be something along a marketplace.)



It was a weird idea.

A Dungeon Master wanted to 「Hold an auction inside the dungeon」.

「I’ll make the auction hall on the second floor of the dungeon. You humans will hold the auctions.」

「Is it a benefit?」(TL: Guild Recep. is asking MC if it is)

「Of course, I’ll be participating in the auctions too. Any questions?」

「Then, any regulations regarding the items being auctioned?」

「None. I’ll just be providing the place.」


「Only that, is it to say that human auctions will be held?」

「Didn’t I say so? I’m just providing the place.」

The moment I said that, there was a strained atmosphere.

「It was useless to expect any conscience from you.」

「Don’t expect it from a Dungeon Master whose livelihood is to kill people inside their dungeon.」

The adventurers who were near the area of the entrance were getting ready to attack any moment.

「…I understand. I want to prevent human auctions from being held if possible, but it seems that it can’t be helped.」

「If you guys want to prevent it, then good luck to you humans. Well, any other questions?」

「Then, I’ll move onto the next question. The entrance of this dungeon, although it’s only E rank, is located in the forest. A bodyguard should be necessary, how about it?」

「I won’t interfere with guards. Bring one of your best guys.」

「I understand. Then, I’ll do it like that.」

「Anything else?」

「How much will the holding fee be?」(TL: For auction, I think.)

「There are no holding fees. Just think of the quality of the guards as the holding fee.」

「I understand. Then my last question is, when will the auctions be held?」

「They will be held every month on the first Monday.」(TL: No idea if the term ‘Monday’ exists in that world)

「I understand. Then, I’ll be informing the Guild Master of this.」


Now that the talk was over, the adventurers wanted to open the door to leave, but knocking sounds were heard. (TL: To get out, not in)


「Excuse me. Master, lunch is ready.」(TL: By the way, the ‘Excuse me’ is in polite form)

The adventurers, who had heard the words of Eins, made growling sounds with their stomachs.

The men smiled wryly, the ladies all blushed.

「Your share is made too, what will you do?」

The adventurers looked at each other, and consulted each other.

Everyone nodded before one minute had passed.

It seems like they’ve decided.

「Then, let’s all eat together.」

When Cain stepped up and said so, everyone else nodded.

「I see, then come. Eins, please.」(TL: Raws don’t say ‘onegaishimasu’, rather, it uses ‘ikuzo’, which means ‘go’)

「Everyone, here it is.」

With me and Eins in the lead, we headed towards the dining room with the adventurers.

We arrived at the dining room, and I sat down, but the adventurers didn’t readily sit down.

「What are you doing. Go find a seat you like early.」

The automata under the command of Eins encouraged the adventurers to sit by pulled out the chairs.

「Oh, thank you very much.」

「Thanks.」(TL: Informal)

Everyone sat down in seats while thanking the automata.

At last, we can start eating.

Zwei, and the automen under his control, pushed a wagon filled with food over.

Dishes were put side by side, and finally the last dish was on the table.

…Today’s dishes seemed to be Gyoza, fried rice, and some Chinese soup. (TL: Gyoza are dumplings)


Please understand the atmosphere.

「What is this?」

「This white thing, yellow thing, and some soup are things that I’ve never seen before.」

「It seems really good, but how do I eat it?」

「There’s not a spoon seen. Instead, there are two sticks?」


「Ach! Its hot!」

Only one of them tried to pick up the Gyoza barehanded while the other five were staring at the food and chopsticks with wonder.

It seems that they don’t know how to eat Chinese food.

「These are called chopsticks, and you use it by sandwiching food between them.」

I ate the food while teaching them how to eat.

Author note: 8/28 – Typo Fixes

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