[DD] Chapter 9

Well, this Chapter was pretty short, but I’m still pretty pressed for time…
Hail High School, the hell of all students.

Ninth Episode


Eins cocked her head with curious eyes.

It seems that she’s been learning at a decent pace.

「Your status has gotten surprisingly strong. Are the other automata as strong as you?」

It’s okay if only she’s this reliable.

「No, the other automata are not as strong as me.」

「Is that so?」

I didn’t think would be such a difference even though you guys were summoned at the same time.

(TL: Random Conversation Starts)

「To say it clearly, it’s fine to let a three-man(automata) squad protect me.」

「Three-man squad?」

「Yes, the winning rate of a three-man squad has finally reached 50%.」

It seems like there’s an obvious difference.

Is Zwei going through the same thing?

「Then what is your winning rate when you and Zwei fight against each other?」

「My winning rate is about 70%.」

It seems that Zwei is inferior by 20%.

Well, I guess I should be saying that he’s impressive for having a 30% winning rate when fighting solo?

「Why is this the case?」

「Although Zwei excels in surprise attacks, during one-on-one matches, he isn’t too good. In addition, I have Space Magic, so I could surprise attack him.」

I see.

「Then, what do you think the result would be if all the automata and automen fought?」

「Unfortunately, I don’t know.」


「I’ve taken up your time. Now I understand you guys better.」

「Although I am not worthy of your words, thank you very much.」

After parting with Eins, I sat down in a chair in my study room and opened my status.

Name: – – –

Gender: Male

Level: 5

Race: Dungeon Master (Intermediate)

Title: 《Calm》《Dungeon Master》《Abiotic User》《Puppet Master》NEW《Master of a Doll Dungeon》

Skill: 《Dungeon Management》《Fighting: Intermediate》《Leadership: Intermediate》《Negotiation: Beginner》

Ability Values

HP: 920/920 (+40)

MP: 800/800 (+40)

Strength: 41 (+50)

Endurance: 46 (+60)

Intelligence: 29 (+40)

Magic: 39 (+40)

Spirit: 29 (+50)

Dexterity: 27 (+50)

Agility: 25 (+40)

Luck: 20 (+40)

I think that my dungeon level and stats were pretty good when considered together.

At the same time, I even gained a new title.

『Master of a Doll Dungeon: Title given when the amount of human-like monsters in the Dungeon reach 50. Any additional value is doubled.』(TLN: The (+xx) in a status, I presume)

It a title that seems to give my dungeon a name, as well as buff. (TLN: Says ‘Addition Skills’, so I’m assuming that it means buff.)

Come to think of it, the values and skill levels of Eins had increased.

The skills were probably learned, but why did the values also increase?

My values were also buffed if you looked carefully, and the skills that were buffed were buffed by the same value.

And then

『Leadership: A Buff Skill. Adds additional value to all abilities.』

It was a really short explanation, but it also revealed why the added values had increased.

Then, what happens when a subordinate has a higher 「Leadership」level than the leader?

Well, I better stop being masochistic. Let’s just say that my ‘family’ had their stats buffed because I became an Intermediate Dungeon Master,

First, let’s summon the Dungeon Menu.

When, firstly, and if there’s a change in the status of my ‘family’, the first thing I will think of is to check the Dungeon Menu, if there isn’t a change, then I’m stuck wondering.

「Dungeon Community?」

The option appeared. (TLN: Raw would translate to ‘Found a change’ or so, but makes no sense with the next line.)

I chose the option ‘Dungeon Community’ immediately.

『Transferring of the Dungeon Master will commence. Do you wish to participate?』

Why wouldn’t I participate?


A window appears.

1: In a loud voice clearly! @ Greeting Thread (582)

2: Let’s exchange information! @ Chat Thread (997)

3: Looking for a daughter-in-law @ Looking for someone with skill Thread (23)

4: It’s a perfect time to kill! @ Chat Thread 2 (994)

5: What should I make my title? @ Chat Thread 3 (45)


No, while you can make exchanges, do you make threads?

Besides, it seems like these names are all jokes.

Anyway, let’s look at the ‘Greeting Thread’.

  1. Master of Chaos Dungeon

First, I tried making a greeting in the thread.

When I found that every newcomer writes in this thread first, I was glad.

Since this is a place for newbies, please watch over me with warm eyes.

For any posts after the 980th one, please go to the next thread.

  1. Chaos Dungeon Master

For six months, there hasn’t been anyone…

….Somehow, I became depressed.

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