BNM [Dropped]

I’ve gotten permission from Binhjamin to pick this up~ Thanks Binhjamin, love you in a non-homo manner. Pictures will be uploaded. If the author of the novel/webnovel series sees this, I hope he/she can drop a comment. (c^:) I’m also busy due to RL stuff too, so don’t expect too many updates. Maybe once every two weeks. If not, once a month.

[Note: This is translations from the Web Novel Version]

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This has been dropped.

[Bu Ni Mi]

Bu ni Mi wo Sasagete Hyaku to Yonen. Elf de Yarinaosu Musha Shugyou

(The tale of a man devoted to Martial Arts for a hundred years and died, only to be reincarnated as an elf.)


       Slava, who devoted his entire life practicing martial arts, took a disciple from a foreign country. The undefeated martial artist, never losing a fight up until now, has been overcome by old age is about to take his last breath over a century after his birth. While lying in bed regretting his past, Slava noticed his disciple caring for him. The man and small woman observe each other. She says “Yoshi, Papa~” which causes Slava to be confused with a single word. The man who regrets his lifelong devotion to martial arts, reincarnated into the race which is known for vast vitality, the Elven race. Using the knowledge from his previous life, he gleefully trained his body and… ?

“Shishou… Shishou!?”

“Who? …You must have mistaken me for someone else.”

Book 1

Book 2


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  1. HapUgMata says:

    will this be regularly updated???

    i hope this is…

    thanks for the chapter and hoping for more…

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  2. Ryuu says:

    Looking forward to more!

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  3. Satou says:

    Bless you thanks for the translations

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  4. Joe says:

    thanks for picking it up mate! Lots of love ❤

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  5. Reigokai says:

    Oh! I am glad to see this getting translated.
    I have read ahead and I have to say that this is a great story, but the difficulty to translate this story is pretty high because of technical terms.
    I am truly grateful you have decided to pick it up!

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  6. kuroshiroe says:

    Thank you a lot for translating this :D!


  7. Darmawan says:

    Thank you for your hard work


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  9. Binhjamin says:

    Bruh, I posted all the illustrations on Bu ni mi volume 1 page, if you need them, just grab them. Linked this wp from my post so expect sky high views in the next day xD

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  10. Read DxD says:

    Glad to see other people understand that Est is Best.

    Also I hope you can combine the chapters into a single post. For some reason cutting the chapters always discourages me from reading.


  11. Silva Lau says:

    All hail raltzero-chama


  12. naosouonight says:

    Thanks! I love this series, I am glad you picked it up!


  13. Lunar Knight Runner says:

    Ah I feel like I discovered an oasis thank you new TL good luck and hopefully I can have a nice leech relationship with you so don’t mind when I stick to you and suck sum blood eheheh


  14. sasa says:

    thanks friend for translated the chapter, XD
    please continue, i don’t ask too much, at least, , , , , , , 1 chapter/week (hehe….)


  15. Anon says:

    What happened to Binhjamin’s wordpress?


  16. darkgrifter says:

    Makes me sad that the first 5 chapters are set to private where I can’t read the 😦


  17. gabgasa says:

    Ohhhh boyy i’ve been waiting a lot for more chapters of this!! THANK YOU!


  18. Yaay! says:

    😀 😀 😀 😀
    Didn’t know this was being translated again until today!
    Thanks for the chaps!!!


  19. pete says:

    Thanks bro love the work


  20. G Melkor says:

    Thanks bro 😀


  21. G Melkor says:

    Are you translating the web novel or the light novel?


  22. jentis says:

    How often is this site updated?


  23. john says:

    You should switch to light novel since there major changes in the ln soon like new characters in his harem and some plots and the webnovel will just be very different. Switch to light novel after volume 1.


  24. God Ginrai says:

    Is chapter 10 the end of volume 1 of the webnovel?


  25. john says:

    Sorry for the delay i just sent you the LN raws


  26. Anon says:

    Doll Dungeon is it a harem?


  27. barbaricbob says:

    you are my new religion now. bu ni mi and doll dungeon? clearly you were sent by god!


  28. novelsnao says:


    I was looking for an email to reach you but could not find one. I wanted to contact you about a community of translators which I thought you might have interest in joining.

    Judge what we are doing for yourself. If you ever want to join we are always welcoming new people with a passion for novels.

    Feel free to delete or ignore me. Just thought it could be something for you.


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  30. Muryai says:

    Raltzero, you da real mvp


  31. stefanus101 says:

    Thanks for the translation…….
    Wish u all the best….
    If u r going to pick up another LN can I recommend elf tensei???
    Its a good novel but rarely being updated by lygar


  32. Magnetron Twelve says:

    Holeee shit thanks for translating~ Been waiting for a long time
    Btw translator sensei is the Web novel and light novel different at first few chapters?


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  34. asyrol says:

    are u dead?


  35. devilsadvocate6 says:

    holy cool u were updating this novel, never knew….lucky find. thanks man, btw what is the frequency of your updates?


  36. Muryai says:

    By the way…no illustrations ? Pity 😦


  37. Shimapan says:

    Thank you for taking the time to translate this novel.

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