DD [Dropped]

Being picked up by Lost In Translation. Refer to this link for any chapters from 11 onward.

[Note: This is translations from the Web Novel Version]

From Shinsoritranslation’s dropped novels section:

Doll Dungeon:

When I woke up I was in a room that I didn’t recognize.

This is the eventful life of dungeon master!

Chapters 1 – 6 can be found here: Here
Chapter 7: Here
Chapter 8: Here
Chapter 9: Here
Chapter 10: Here


6 Responses to DD [Dropped]

  1. Ashura13 says:

    Good novel, keep up the good work!!!


  2. Biel says:

    Good novel, it would be nice if you keep doing it hehehe
    Thanks for the good work!!


  3. I’m a leecher. You are my God. Thank you for the translations kami-sama! I like this story!


  4. DarkLoki says:

    Sorry for the problem, but I want to read this title!


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